4 Ideas To Decorate Your Home With Acrylic Pedestals

Everyone desires to have a well decorated and classy home decor. But, achieving this end is not everyone’s cup of tea. This happens just because of a little lack of ideas. Well, here let me tell you adding an elegant touch to your home decor is not that difficult. You can do it all by yourself. To make the look catchy, all you need is an acrylic display or to me more specific, a pedestal. Here, I will give you a few ideas about how you can add a wow factor to your room. Designer Spiral pedestal     Spiral pedestal

This is a beautiful piece of art which will look attractive in any corner of your home. But, I would suggest to place it in the living room, beside the sofa or in any corner near a standing lamp shade. A bowl with a goldfish in it can be kept on top of this display.

        Acoustic Pedestal      

Acoustic Pedestal

This acrylic piece of furniture goes so well with themed rooms. This will just add a touch of elegance to your bedroom. If your bedroom have colors like white or any other light shades of pastel, then this is the one you should think of buying. You can place a transparent bowl with floating scented candles on it and bingo! A classy bedroom is ready.

    Gold crackled pedestal       Gold crackled pedestal Well, what to say about this one. A royal piece of art, just perfect for your home. Place it beside the window in your living room with drapes and you will definitely receive good compliments from your guests.    
Acoustic Pedestal    

Tube Pedestal

This acrylic pedestal already looks beautiful in itself, but you can add more beauty to it by fitting a light underneath and then placing it on top of the light. This can be kept in the dining room and it will give a cosy and comfortable feeling while you enjoy your meals.


Well, there are a few reasons why you should go for acrylic pedestals. These are strong, shatter resistant, cost effective and movable easily. Now with these ideas, you can start decorating your own home. For these attractive pieces of acrylic pedestals Contact shahrooz today!