Your step to step guide to build a drinks bar with acrylic

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Acrylic Bars are best for the home, because this type of plastic is much stronger than glass and comes in a variety of styles and colors. A drinks bar is also easily assembled with just a few points to remember. Below, there is a step by step guide to creating […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Glam Up Your Interiors With Acrylic Coffee Table

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Acrylic Coffee Tables

Home decor plays a very important role in drawing a good impression. If your interiors are classy and elegant you can easily get good compliments from guests and yourself feel good and comfortable in your own home. So, why not glam up your interiors? Well, you do not have to […]

5 Cool Acrylic Trends To Try Out This Spring

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Spring is here and so is a new array of trends! Going ahead hand in hand with the latest trends is often crucial to grab others attention and yourself feel good. With the advent of spring new and trendy ideas have emerged which you can use to update your home […]

How To Use Acrylic Furniture For Your House Party

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Acrylic furniture are the latest ‘in’ trend as far as home decor is concerned. More and more people are opting for this amazing range of furniture as well as sculptures to add a touch of elegance and classiness to their homes. If you have acrylic furniture at your home, then […]

The Must Have Acrylic Tables For Your Home

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Acrylic furniture have become a very common piece of paraphernalia that people use to decorate their homes. This piece of transparent , durable and light furniture adds a touch of elegance to your home decor. By adding acrylic tables to your home, you can make a small room look spacious. […]

Stunning Acrylic Chairs To Complete Your Decor

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Don’t those unique and creative designs of interiors fascinate you? No doubt such designs that you see online or in magazines call for a lot of investment and time. But spending a lot for your interiors is not the only option. You just need a creative mind and the right […]

Every Book Lover’s Dream is having this ‘Bookshelf House’

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If you are a book lover a new book excites you more than any other luxury in life. So are you a book lover? Yes you are. What can be more captivating than the smell of a fresh book in your hand to savour its offerings, the words, the writings, […]

3 Ways To Adorn Your Sitting Area with Beautiful Acrylics

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The sitting area of your house is the place that comes as a face to the house. Your visitors will judge about your lifestyle and your taste of decorating your home through this space. This makes it very important to be sure that the best of furnitures and decorations are […]

Welcome This Spring With The Beautiful Acrylics

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Acrylic Furnitures are hitting the Interior design trends this season. And if you too are planning to change your furniture or bring in new additions, keep these beautiful and clear acrylic furnitures at number one in your shopping list. Acrylics are the best way to bring light and positivity to […]