Product Info

Brillianize is wonderful for cleaning acrylic and it leaves the surface silky smooth and static free allowing it to actually start repelling dust instead of attracting it. It will also help the acrylic resist fingerprints and scratching. It is completely non-toxic and alcohol & ammonia-free. Combine Brillianize with its Micro fiber cleaning cloth for best results. If Brillianize is not available, use a soft damp cloth. Do not use any ammonia solution or¬†WINDEX. Avoid the use of¬† rough cloth, or kitchen paper towel, use only chamois cloth or very soft cloth. If you use ammonia solution, you will get these cracks within the material itself, you wont feel them to the touch, but there will be inside the material, and these cracks are not repairable. Weather resistant, neither the hottest sun, nor the coldest weather can damage cast acrylic or change its clarity. Scratches: you can use Novus polish cream that can remove fine scratches. For any deep scratches, a professional sign maker can buff it out and bring this to its original stage. Acrylic has a similar weight & density as the crystal but with a much lower pricing.   Every Acrylic sculpture will have its own uniqueness; therefore, no two sculptures are alike. Due to the hand made process involved, there could be some imperfections in our products that are out of our control.